The Expert software for your Personnel staff



HR info and Employee Administration

With HR-Expert you can easily manage all data around your employees. From master data, positions, training and tasks to employee interviews and competencies, all recording-relevant information is stored in the electronic employee file.

Both historical information on the employment relationship and various positions in the company can be easily and precisely managed. The software ensures data consistency between the partially redundant personnel information.

Document management

The integrated document management allows the administration of documents directly in the employee file. You define a standard directory structure and find it for each employee. Subsequent changes to this folder structure are automatically updated by the system.

Certain information for an employee such as educational qualifications or entries for certificates (e.g. work permit) can also be linked to a document. Using templates, documents can be created directly in the file and prefilled with personal master data (such as name, address).

Flexible Reporting

Hr-Expert comes with a wealth of standard reports that can be output directly on screen or exported as PDF or Excel. Employee/department lists, birthday reminders or demographic statistics are just a few clicks away.

Each report can also be integrated in the Webdesk EWP as an additional menu item and thus also be viewed by “normal” users (e.g. supervisors). With the Report Designer of Eclipse BIRT new report definitions can be created to cover user-defined requirements.

Advantages of HR-Expert

The modular system architecture allows a multitude of possibilities,
which is oriented to the requirements of the customer.

Custom Fields

Each data object in HR-Expert can be equipped with additional fields if required, making it easy to adapt to the needs of the customer. Whether it is a normal text field or a keyword list, additional fields are no problem!


There is a comment history for the most important data elements such as employee, position and job profile, with which any comments can be saved.


With the dashboard, personnel managers can centrally view the most important upcoming events on a single page. When you enter HR-Expert, you cannot overlook impending entries, expiring work permits, or maternity protection.

Permission management

Access to any type of data object (person, group, position, task, …) can be controlled role-based via a central authorization system. Depending on the requirements, different authorization scenarios can be mapped.

Multi-client capability

HR-Expert is client-capable. This means that several companies can be mapped in the same system without mutual access to information from other clients. At the same time, however, there is also sufficient flexibility to allow cross-client access when necessary.

Keyvalue lists

Selection lists are indispensable in a modern, electronic system to enable efficient data entry. The central keyword management allows an adjustment of the selection elements per field historized and also depending on the client.


The adaptation of the software to the needs of the customer is an important process in order not to overburden the user with unnecessary fields which he does not need. In HR-Expert it is possible to adapt the layout as well as to define additional fields per form.

Import / Export

Based on the Connector Framework of Webdesk EWP, all personal data can be imported or exported once or periodically from or to other systems with connectors. Text files, databases or process instances (workflow) are suitable as integrated systems.