Webdesk EWP

Flexible employee portal for everyone in the company

Today, modern HR work can no longer do without the digital support of an HR-centered portal.

The employee expects a modern company to provide a central digital interface where all HR-specific information and services are available to the target group.

The bundling of information and the targeted range of functions supports access to content, simplifies work processes and improves internal company communication.

By connecting user directories (SingleSignOn), user rights are automatically taken over and access to content and functions is controlled.

Key features

  • Employee Self Service via personalized web portal
  • Everyone receives the information to which he is entitled according to his function in the company
  • Display of information from personnel and ERP systems
  • Target group-specific content and processes
  • Connection of exisiting database systems
  • Reporting Engine for individual evaluations
  • Workflow Engine for company-specific HR processes


Webdesk EWP is divided into independent software parts that can be licensed and used separately.

Evaluations and reporting

  • Each module provides a variety of standard reports
  • You can generate x derivatives (configurations) for each standard report
  • Evaluations can be done by myself or selected employees
  • Selection of employees via organizational units, cost centers, loose groups
  • Each report is displayed on the screen by default and can be exported to Excel/PDF


Webdesk EWP is an HR system platform that grows with your requirements. No matter if more users or higher requirements. Webdesk is the ideal solution.

Advantages of Webdesk

The modular system architecture allows a multitude of possibilities which is oriented to the requirements of the customer.


In addition to its own secure password management (with optional 2nd factor), Webdesk supports various external authentication services to support a SingleSignOn (SSO). (LDAP, NTLM, Active Directory, ADFS, Keyshield)

Authorisation concept

Each menu item can be assigned individually to a person, group, role or client. In a further step, you can also define for each user interface which personal data may be queried or changed.


Webdesk is delivered in German and English. Each text module can be changed by the customer and thus adapted to the company’s own language. You can create additional translations yourself.


Persistence is done in a relational database, supporting SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. The modular system architecture ensures that only those tables are created that are required by the licensed modules.

Connector Framework

The connector framework allows flexible definition of periodic import or export of data. This allows master and transaction data from external systems to be integrated quickly and easily.


Periodically running jobs perform many small tasks that ensure the correct functioning of the system. Own jobs can be written in Java or Javascript and scheduled for periodic execution.


Any frequently used screen action is configurable. This means that any number of configurations of this action can be created under their own name and used as a separate menu item. With this principle, user interfaces can be configured for different user groups.

Development & APIs

Open interfaces (APIs) allow the creation of custom code that runs on the Webdesk platform or communicates separately with Webdesk using the documented interfaces. The connection can be made via Java, Javascript and XML or JSON web services.