Professional time management

Recording and valuating attendances and absences

Time recording

Recording time easily and with little effort

With our modern time management software, your employees record their working times simply and correctly. Automatic time valuation is carried out on the basis of legal requirements or internal company conditions. You thus receive times settled on the basis of time postings, which are automatically transferred to the payroll program via an interface.

The optimized recording and the high degree of automation considerably reduce your administration effort!

Record working time

You decide how your employees can record working times:

Hardware Terminal
The “classic” way to record working times simply and securely. The time recording terminal is installed in the entrance area and your employees can record working times with a booking medium (card, key fob, etc.).

Booking at the workplace
Another very common way to record working hours is time recording via PC / notebook. No software needs to be installed at the workstation itself, as the booking function can be operated via web browser.

Smartphone / Tablet
Employees in the field or without a fixed workplace can record working hours quickly and conveniently via app.

Holiday and absenteeism claims

Avoid high administrative costs when managing absences! With our system, your employees can efficiently submit leave requests (vacation, seminar, business trip, sick leave, etc.).

Planning absences is made easier by displaying unapproved and approved absences in the personal annual calendar and in the group calendar. This enables your employees to coordinate their leave with colleagues. An approval workflow ensures that the internal and legal requirements are met.

Use our software to replace paper or e-mail holiday applications and benefit from faster throughput times and less administrative effort.

Evaluation of working time

Our time management solution offers a variety of reporting and export functions. In a few steps it is possible to generate tabular evaluations. This gives you an overview in every situation.

The employee has a “monthly journal” at his or her disposal as standard, in which he or she can track all postings, adjustments and the resulting time accounts such as the flextime balance. The superior or the personnel department has evaluations where the postings and/or time accounts of employee groups can be evaluated.

Optimization of your processes

Our experienced consulting team analyses your requirements and offers you solutions that are exactly tailored to your needs! Thanks to the large number of projects already implemented, we can show you best practices that lead to rapid improvements. What is important: Our system is future-proof and can be adapted to new requirements at any time!