Project time recording

Recording and evaluating project and performance times

Project time recording

Easily post billable working time to projects and thus optimize internal workflows.

With our efficient and easy-to-use solution for project time recording, your employees can book working times for projects, orders, cost centers or work steps. Working hours can be booked directly to a project via smartphone, web or app via a start/stop function. In addition, project times can be entered subsequently using the project time recording screen.

You can use authorizations to ensure that your employees only have access to the projects, orders, cost centers or work steps that can currently be posted to. This prevents, for example, incorrect postings to projects that have already been completed.


For medium and large customers, the postable element is often created in another system (SAP, BMD, CRM,…). In this case, the leading system imports the current projects, eliminating the need for duplicate maintenance in both systems.

Our project time recording includes standardized interfaces to automatically transfer the recorded times to a third party system. This reduces the administrative effort to a minimum.


At the push of a button, you can view current project time evaluations at any time, which can serve as a basis for your invoices.


Another strength of our project time recording is the various evaluation and reporting options. All evaluation results can be exported or printed out as Excel or PDF by mouse click. You can have the weekly, monthly or quarterly report sent to you automatically by e-mail.

Core features

  • Project time start/stop booking at the workplace, on the web or via app
  • Subsequent recording / change of project bookings
  • Overview of current and historical project times of employees
  • Basis for billing of billable services
  • Comparison of time booking / project time
  • Management of favorites for project times
  • Continuation of old project times with one click


You want to import exisiting project structures once or periodically? Do you need the booked project times in other systems?


In addition to the flexible possibility of configuring evaluations and reports independently, we are happy to support you with the import of existing project structures or the transfer of project times to external systems. Benefit from our configurable interfaces and the know-how of our consultants gained through a large number of projects.