Global Analyse


Global Analyse

GLOBAL ANALYSE is a powerful tool to streamline your administrative personnel costs. GLOBAL ANALYSE sees itself as a product-family with three modules. Each module can be used independently, but all three together are unbeatable! It is your decision, whether you use the full potential from the beginning, or whether you allow GLOBAL ANALYSE to grow with you.

Module 1: POTENTIAL - Personnel information & employee administration

Module 2: TRAINING & TRAINING Pro - Seminar administration & education and training

Module 3: CAREERCAREER Pro - Application management & online job exchange

With GLOBAL ANALYSE  you benefit from:

  • Independent location:
    Via intranet or internet you and your employees access on the personnel data. Safely and in accordance with the actual authorisation.
  • Data base neutrality:
    Tables from other databases (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, SAP) can be integrated into the programme "live", which means in real time. Complex data imports and restructuring belong to the past. You benefit immediately!
  • Multi lingualism:
    Your company acts beyond (linguistic) boundaries? All GLOBAL ANALYSE modules can promptly be ported in foreign languages - so all employees can communicate at one "click"
  • Web based:
    You do not need complicated software installation or interference with your business software: GLOBAL ANALYSE runs through your web browser - simply, safely and easily in your familiar working environment.
  • Reporting:
    GLOBAL ANALYSE offers three convenient file-output variants as Adobe Acrobat PDF, graphing and Excel export. These reports (as well as generated correspondence, invitations,  consent letters, etc ...) can promptly be send by email.
  • Integrated report generator:
    You decide when you need your reports - around the clock, around the globe. Criteria, type of query and data source are completely at your discretion. With GLOBAL ANALYSE your personnel department is available 24 hours a day!


Aktuelle Jobs

Wir sind aktuell auf der Suche nach talentierten Entwicklern sowohl im Junior als auch Senior Bereich.


Webdesk V3.2.1 verfügbar!

Die Version 3.2.1 der Plattform Webdesk EWP ist ein wichtiger Schritt in der Weiterentwicklung und Wartung des Mitarbeiterportals, der verschiedenste Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen umfasst.


Änderungen im österreichischen Personalrecht 2008

Mit Jahresbeginn ergeben sich einige gesetzliche Änderungen unter anderem in der Personalzeitwirtschaft und der Dienstreiseabrechnung



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