Webdesk EWP

Webdesk EWP stands for Enterprise Workflow Portal and provides a uniform interface for the employee to participate in electronic processes of the company and to plan his/her work in accordance with the team. It integrates all Human Resources (HR) and groupware systems and provides the necessary information to all employees in accordance with their role in the company.

Verfügbare Module in Webdesk EWP

  • TIME ESS - Time management for employees, management and personnel administration
  • TRAVEL - Travel mangement starting from the travel-request over accounting of the expenses to wage conveyance 
  • RESCHEDULING - short-term personnel planning
  • REPORTING - Flexible reporting with opensource
  • GROUPWARE-LINK  - Integration of Outlook/Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino into the time and travel management
  • WORKFLOW -  Standard based Workflow-Engine with Plugin-concept for forms, system activities and configuration editing
  • TRAINING ESS - the optimal complement for the seminar and event mangement tool "GlobalAnalyse Training"

Webdesk EWP provides a holistic view on employees, their roles and permissions, as well as on the processes in which they are involved. It allows the distribution of information, stored in many back-end systems, through simple dialogues and actions referred to the role of the employee. Via the graphical process modeling various processes can not only become "electrified" but also completely revised and improved. Especially the ability to overcome existing media-breaks creates additional potential savings.

Webdesk EWP offers a scalable N-tier architecture which is based on open source stacks. The server is written in Java and can be run in any servlet container (e.g. Tomcat or Jetty) run. Data access happens via open source middleware (Hibernate), so you are flexible when it comes to the selection of an database server (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, ...). Authentication can be run via SSO (NTLM / Kerberos), LDAP or internal DB-based services. By deploying the server load across multiple application servers (load balancing), the system can be scaled upward and at the same time the fail-security is ensured.


Aktuelle Jobs

Wir sind aktuell auf der Suche nach talentierten Entwicklern sowohl im Junior als auch Senior Bereich.


Webdesk V3.2.1 verfügbar!

Die Version 3.2.1 der Plattform Webdesk EWP ist ein wichtiger Schritt in der Weiterentwicklung und Wartung des Mitarbeiterportals, der verschiedenste Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen umfasst.


Änderungen im österreichischen Personalrecht 2008

Mit Jahresbeginn ergeben sich einige gesetzliche Änderungen unter anderem in der Personalzeitwirtschaft und der Dienstreiseabrechnung



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